Meet The EPPS Team
William Cook
Founder/Investigator/Case Manager/Web Master
William (Bill) Cook
Bill has had an interest in the paranormal since childhood and had his first
paranormal experience at age 16 while visiting his sisters farm house in NJ.
Bill is a retired police officer who in addition to his regular patrol duties, was
a member of an advanced accident reconstruction response team for his
department. Bill was also a motorcycle highway patrol officer who graduated
from the highly respected Philadelphia Highway Patrol School.
Bill is currently employed as a manager for a facility located in Forks, PA and
focuses most of his spare time on investigating the paranormal and helping
people. Bill brings his advanced investigative skills and experience as well
as professionalism from his police training into his paranormal investigations.
Investigator/Case Manager, Danielle Ponzio
Danielle lives in Easton, PA with her husband and three cats. She is an
Office Manager for a heavy hauling trucking company and a part time
Cosmetologist. Danielle's experiences with the paranormal began at a
young age by looking over her shoulder and seeing shadows. As Danielle
got older and began learning how to use the gift she was given, she
began having more regular contact with the spirit world. Danielle has a
strong sensitivity to spirits when they are present and has seen them on
many occasions. Danielle wants people to realize that spirits are here for a
reason and to try to understand them and not fear them. Danielle's hope is
to help people better understand the paranormal and to help lost souls.
Danielle Ponzio
Nina   De Santo
Investigator/Sensitive/Event organizer, Nina De Santo

Nina comes from multi generations of “sensitives”  Ever since she was a
child she was able to see, hear and feel entities and energies and able to
communicate with them.  As she got older, she embraced and fine tuned her
“gifts” and moved on to do massage and energy work/healing sessions
which consisted of “high profile” clients. Her experiences have lead her on
the path of her “calling” to becoming a paranormal investigator. Her passion
is to assist clients to find the answers they seek and to bring peace and
harmony into the lives of the people she assists not just the living but the
“other side”. She has been guided to assist as an intuitive counselor helping
families, mostly children who have been traumatically affected by a
supernatural experience.
Nina has done media events, speaking engagements as well as teaching
workshops educating on a variety of topics from the paranormal to organic
cooking classes. Presently she is a corporate event planner and the Director
of Mentoring and Chapter Development for the Holistic Moms Network a national non-profit organization devoted to bringing
awareness, support and education in natural and green-living.
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.
Tarah Toth
Investigator/photo expert/researcher/
Evidence Review Team Leader,
Tarah Toth
Tarah's interest in the paranormal began as a child when she
observed several unexplainable events which forced her to seek
answers. With a degree in biology, Tarah often finds herself
challenging the very essence of what she has learned in her years
of college
Tarah is a professional photographer and an animal lover. She loves
researching old properties prior to our investigating and has a keen
ear for EVP review.  Tarah's background in photography makes her
invaluable to EPPS with photo review and debunking.

You can view some of Tarah's work or hire her for your event on
her website at
Team members are listed on this page in random order unless otherwise noted
Staci Lutton

Investigator/occult specialist/sensitive, Staci Luton

Lady Staci Luton is a Dame of the Principality of Seborga and
has been drawn to the supernatural since she was a child with
her experiences then as a sensitive. She brings with her 20
years experience with the occult and solutions for clients who
want to rid themselves of paranormal problems.
Staci is currently a grad student for International Relations and
helps people through holistic healing in her free time. She
enjoys traveling, advocacy for native American tribes and
delving into ancient cultures.
Alli Salzman

Investigator/researcher, Alli Salzman
Alli's interest in the paranormal began when she was about 10 years
old. Her parents had purchased a home built in the 1860's and she
had her first paranormal experience in that house.  As much as she
tried to forget about it, the memory of her experience kept coming
back to her and as she got older, she knew that she had to find out
more about what is out there.

Alli has a keen desire to know what happens to us when our
physical body is gone and what keeps some spirits earthbound and
others not. In addition, Alli loves historical research and enjoys
learning more about locations through historical data in order to
provide evidence to back claims of activity.  Alli is here to find
answers, but most importantly, to help those that need help with
finding answers and coping with their own experiences.
Team Members in Training.