Study ghosts from the parapsychological perspective. Parapsychology is the scientific
study of psychic phenomena, psi, done without bias. Know what you’re investigating.

Learn what differentiates genuine ghost hunters and parapsychologists from people who
don’t know scientific information about ghosts, but enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Learn definitions of parapsychological terms.

Learn what needs to be debunked, because of obviously wrong facts or blatant errors.
This knowledge comes by research and with experience.

Participate in 5 investigations.

We realize some people wonder why our investigations are free, as many respected
parapsychological organizations’ are. Part of our mission is to investigate ghosts in our
quest for knowledge and to remove fear by educating people about this phenomenon.
Welcome to
Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society.

EPPS was founded in early 2007 by William Cook after having numerous
paranormal experiences of his own. We are a paranormal research team who uses
state of the art equipment and special investigative techniques to assist us in finding
the truth. While most of our team has had their own paranormal experiences, we
approach each and every case as unique and use a skeptical but open minded
approach. Our interests has led us up a long road of exploration and wonder and
our experiences have now enabled us to help others. Our group operates in a highly
professional and organized manner putting safety before actions. We use scientific
equipment and special investigative techniques to do our research. We are highly
committed to our clients and we treat our clients with respect and privacy. We treat
every case with absolute confidentiality.

EPPS is a non-profit group who offers all of our services completely free to anyone
who feels they are experiencing paranormal activity or a haunting and would like
help to confirm or dispel their beliefs. If you experience anything from unexplainable
noises, cold spots or items moving in your home to shadow figures or full-bodied
apparitions, EPPS would be happy to assist you. Don’t assume you are just seeing
things or that your mind is playing tricks on you. The paranormal phenomena is real.

Don’t be uncomfortable in your own home any longer, EPPS is here to help you. Our
caring and understanding team will respond to your home, business or any property
and perform an in-depth investigation using our scientific equipment and special
investigative techniques. We will guide you through the entire process and treat you
with the respect and privacy you deserve. It often happens during our investigations
that we are able to offer alternate explanations for certain claims made through a
debunking process we use. After we have completed our investigation, we will
thoroughly review and scrutinize all materials collected and present to you only what
we believe to be solid evidence. Any evidence captured will be presented to our
clients in an organized and comprehensive manner and copies of all evidence will
be provided to our clients for their records.
EPPS Investigators
Our investigators have had personal paranormal experiences and/or an interest in ghosts
and other paranormal which was the primary motivation to establish EPPS.

The American Society for Psychical Research, ASPR, Parapsychology Foundation, PF,
organizations are our role models.  

In addition to being objective and utilizing necessary “people skills” to effectively help
clients, our investigators are required to meet the following criteria:
Updated September, 2015
One question we at EPPS hear all the time is: Why is a group who offers all of their
services for FREE registered as an LLC?

The answer:
While most business found everywhere registered as an LLC are profit
companies, we at EPPS are not. So why the LLC? After spending many days selecting a
name for our team which included numerous web searches for all paranormal teams in
the state of PA, NJ and NY as well as a country wide business search, we selected
Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, as it stated clearly who, what and where we
are and it was
Original. Not long after choosing our name and actively using it for
several months, we began to notice other local
"copy cat" paranormal groups starting
to use our name. As we were already clearly well established, we decided to take
measures to protect our valued name and stop any unauthorized use. After speaking
with other well established paranormal groups and our attorney, we decided to register
as an LLC, as this method quite simply offered the name protection we so badly needed.
While we may appear to be a "business", we are totally non profit and charge nothing for
any of our services we offer. We operate totally on our own household income or
savings and receive no funding from any other sources.
Copyright Notice
This website and its content is copyright of Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society,
©  Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, LLC 2008.

All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any
form is strictly prohibited.
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Bath and Plymouth, PA.
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of Earth's greatest mysteries.
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EPPS has recently had the distinct privilege to be the first paranormal team to be featured on a new
series by The Morton Report. EPPS own Nina De Santo has also been featured for her article on
orbs.  See both articles linked below.
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.

Read Nina De Santo's new interview/article featured by CNN Living titled,
Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond the grave?
Read where Nina recounts her being visited by a friend after his passing, to say goodbye.
Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond the grave?
Renee Stilwell
EPPS recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Renee
Stilwell, host of Blog Radio's Renee Live.  It was great to discuss our
teams beliefs, methods and some past cases with Renee and callers.  
To hear the archived interview, follow the link below.
With Renee Stilwell
Walking, Talking and Playing With Ghosts, The E.P.P.S. Way
Our new affiliation
EPPS gets an episode on Destination America's " A Haunting" for our
case in Zigglersville PA, involving a black magic curse and some strange
paranormal activity. Watch the full episode here:
Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society
was featured on
Animal Planet's new series,
EPPS investigation of the Birgfeld's case in
Rieglesville PA, featured on the 2009 season finale.
Click link below to view the site
Ghost Town (EPPS case)
Then, a mother and her two daughters move into an old hotel only to discover some previous
occupants may have never left the property. They are distressed when their cat is kicked down
the stairs and their dogs react to unseen presences throughout the home. After a paranormal
team comes to investigate, they all discover that the activity is much worse they than initially
(Investigations performed by the Oklahoma Paranormal Research Investigators
and the Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society.)
EPPS episode Listing on Animal Planet (we are the second case listed "Ghost town")
Now see it on NETFLIX
Season 1 episode 10 (Ghost Town)..
Our invest is the second after "Leave Now or Die!"